My name is Hideyuki Takaoka and I took over responsibilities as Director of Takatsuki General Hospital from Dr.Yoshiyuki Naito in April 2017. I was born and raised in nearby Suita and Ibaraki, doing my medical residency at Osaka Saiseikai Nakatsu Hospital with the aim of becoming a cardiologist.
From medical school I'd always taken an active interest in ischemic heart disease and heart failure, and in 2003 I moved to Kobe Red Cross Hospital to tackle the challenges of regional care. Kobe Red Cross Hospital is mainly a critical care hospital charged with secondary emergency care but it also provides tertiary medical care together with Hyogo Emergency Medical Center. There I had valuable experience in the area of critical care.

this solid foundation, I moved to Takatsuki General Hospital in 2006. The ten years spent in a hospital so close to my hometown were both professionally and personally rewarding.

As the director I keenly feel the responsibility of leading a institution so important to the community, and will make every effort to earn the trust and satisfaction of patients and their families.

“Aiming to make regional care a reality”

The reconstruction of Takatsuki General Hospital facility was completed in May 2018. It took eight years to complete the modernization, upgrading our facility one section at a time. We do appreciate the patience and support of the local community.
There are a lot of improvement: Aijinkai Rehabilitation Hospital and Takatsuki General Hospital are now connected by pedestrian walkway. On the third floor of Aijinkai Rehabilitation Hospital is a public space where local residents and medical personnel can utilize. Meeting rooms and a new library are available to registered doctors.

Our mission is to enhance medical care not only in perinatal and pediatric area which are our strong asset, but also in a wide range of areas including critical care, cancer treatment and emergency care.

In addition, we aim to make a positive contribution to society through the launch of the “Child and Family Support Center” that prevents child abuse and promotes pre-natal and post-part infant health through programs sanctioned by the Osaka prefectural government .

Takatsuki General Hospital will continue to develop and evolve so as to accomplish our mission of providing the local community with the topmost medical care throughout every life stage.



1-3-13, Kosobe-Cho, Takatsuki-Shi, Osaka,
569-1192, Japan